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Location: Pilani, Rajasthan, India

Hindi Drama Club, BITS, Pilani, is the official body responsible for all the activities related to Hindi Theatre on the BITS campus. Enjoying the enthued, dedicated support of a lively and talented member mass, HDC(as its famously called)'s flag has been flying high!!

Moments Captured

"Picture Perfect"
[Bhargav, Pratyush, Khillu, Kor, Talli, Swati (L-R)]

"Sky is not the limit !!!"
[Raheem Pratyush Afshan Naphade Dhoke Kimothi(clockwise, from L-R)]

"Agar ho sake to ab koi shama jalaiye..."
[Raheem getting a birthday roast]

"Captan Sahab... hui..."
[Talli and Camel dancing in the children's park]

The Cast of MKSM in SKY
[too many to name... read the play page for cast :D]

A HDC Grub.
[D pulling Raheem's (artificial)beard after AnnaSaheb]

AnnaSaheb Jasn... 'Mai ri...' the cast singing together...
[Kim Bangashu Ishan Shammi & Prat(lying down, behind)]

Club at SkyLabs, Oasis - 2007
[Prat Kim & many people from 2005,2006 and 2007 batch HDCites]

more to come...


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